E-commerce & Partnership Marketing Self-Audit

Are you achieving your online or partnership program sales targets? If not, review the questions below. Consequently, you won't maximize revenue if you underperform in these areas.

1) Do you sell a product or service that enough people want?

2) Do you sell a product or service that enough people will buy online?

3) Do you offer competitive pricing, convenient delivery times and return policies, and excellent customer service?

4) Do you constantly optimize your website (SEO, CRO, page speed, etc.) to convert traffic into customers/sales?

5) Do you use high-quality, professional images on your website, including product pictures?

6) Do you have and execute a marketing plan to attract traffic to your website?

7) Do you offer an appealing partnership program (affiliate marketing software, commission rate, cookie duration, etc.) that will motivate content creators to join and promote your goods?

8) Do you have an optimized program sign-up page that will convince partners to join?

9) Do you or a partnership marketing manager spend at least eight hours weekly on program-building activities?

10) Do you identify and recruit high-potential partners to join your program weekly (or sit around hoping people will join your program from the thousands that exist)?

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